Installation : found objects, plexiglass, neon tubes, plywood

When I was invited to this exhibition taking place in the French Embassy of Tokyo, I was interested by the Heterotopic idea of the place : an embassy has a a specific situation, it is a territory (the place itself), within a territory (in a country) with a specific status (the law inside the embassy is different from the surrounding). The building was on the way to be torn down, meaning that it is in between two statuses : the use of an Embassy before, and becoming something else after, the exhibition would take place int between. An other interesting fact, my space was located in the ex-office of french nuclear matters.
All the furniture and folders were used in the office.
The corners of the rooms have been curved, that is how elements inside the installation look to be floating inside the space.
The little window on the door is the only way to see what is on inside the room.