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I have Designed this Utopia For You

Metal structures, Poly-resin, carrar marble dust, pump, colored water, mist maker, tubes and drawings.

Grown in the french mountains, I always have been attracted by Mountains. More than Sea.
I first wanted to make my own Utopia, to create an entire of World of mine.
At the beginning I was blindly making shapes (playing with clay, as a painter plays with paint), it ended up to be two landscapes.

The two mountains, one is a valley, the other one is a high mountain.
The valley has an orange steaming lake in the bottom.
The high mountain has a Waterfall.
The two are linked by tubes, with circulating water from the one to the other.

At that time, I was reading Thomas More’s book «Arcadia». He is the one who invented the concept of Utopia. Impressed, but also revolted by his book, I made a drawing of himself, and the map he drew, as an empty Isle.